Case Study – JP (IT and Telecommunications)

JP was being well supported by her management team; they’d been working with her for a while to integrate her into her new leadership role.  They’d provided training and regular line management meetings.  However, JP was struggling with various parts of her management position and couldn’t move past these challenges.  The company asked me to meet with JP to see if we could remove these issues.

One of the biggest problems JP had, was her inability to talk openly about her challenges to her line manager.  She didn’t want to share her concerns for fear of looking incompetent or being judged.  Once she had shared her concerns in our confidential setting, we were able to work through them together, openly, and honestly.  We eradicated some long-term beliefs about her capabilities, and we worked together on some tools to support her should these beliefs ever return.  This support was carried out within 3 sessions and JP was able to improve her performance in her leadership role.