Case Study – JS (Education)

JS came to us with a significant dip in her confidence, she felt overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks and was close to needing long term leave.  From the first session JS was able to put in place long term practical solutions which in turn helped her regain her confidence in herself and her leadership position

JS is a senior leader and teacher in a comprehensive school.  Due to various challenges at school, JS had lost confidence in her abilities. She tried several strategies to rebuild her confidence, along with the support of her management team but with the added pressures of her job and unsuccessfully making the changes alone she found herself unable to carry out her role. 

Where some coaching support would immediately move to providing confidence building tools, which would fix the short-term problem.  With therapeutic coaching we were able to take a whole person approach and identify some issues JS had struggled with since childhood.   Once identified, we initially worked together to look at a different perspective to these long-term beliefs and fears.  We worked through some NLP tools to help provide ongoing support and in addition, we identified a number of coaching techniques which would not only help JS in the future but that she would also be able to use to support her team.  All of this in just 6 sessions.