Case Study – SM (IT and Telecommunications)

When SM’s manager contacted me, the company’s concern was that SM would need to step down from his current position to support his teenage daughter.  This was not the case, with a few tools and a slight change in working hours, SM was able to implement long-term work/life balance.

SM’s manager contacted me when SM, a single parent, was facing some significant challenges with his teenage daughter.  SM was finding it more and more difficult to carry out his senior management position as his daughter’s school refusal and anxiety meant he needed to spend more time at home.  He was working as many hours as possible to make up the time, but the lack of sleep, personal time and focus meant all areas of his life were impacted.    SM and his manager had little hope that this situation could change. 

For 4 sessions SM & I worked together.  We looked at the possible causes of daughter’s behaviour and the strategies SM could implement at home to help.  SM followed the plan and the tools to the letter, reporting a positive change after week 2.  We carried out a top up session, a month later with SM confirming his daughter was back at school, using tools to manage her anxiety and he was able to carry out his leadership role with just a small change to his working hours.