• The Fear Fountain

    The onset and progression of fear reminds me of the pavement fountains you often see in cities around the world.  You know the ones, they shoot up quickly, you never know exactly where from, they often start as one spray and rapidly multiply. 

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  • The Impact of Divorce

    Divorce is significantly impactful on a practical and emotional level (even if we’re the ones who instigated it) and will have an impact of some kind on our children.  So how can we, reduce that impact as much as possible?

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  • Setting Achievable Goals

    How many goals have you set in your life that you’ve not followed through on?  Quite often this is because we don’t set goals correctly, or we get goals and states (feelings) mixed up, e.g my goal is to feel happy.  Feeling happy is simply that, a feeling and we can have it any time…

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