Testimonial – GB

Following a series of quick succession life changing events (loss of sibling; loss of father; house sale collapse; losing our rental property (due to sale) with the prospect of being homeless; and a throat cancer scare; I found being able to fully focus on work (or even daily living) a real challenge.

My work (and daily life) became so impacted that I was taken off a project, plummeting my self-esteem to an all-time low.

Working with Debbie; she was able to guide me to an understanding of how, physically, and psychologically, my mind and body responded to the challenges I was facing. Having this understanding in place as well as the tools, techniques, exercises, and tips provided by Debbie on how to address them, I was gradually able to rebuild my esteem to a point where I felt I had something to contribute to work again and be much more positive in my personal and home life.

Throughout our time together Debbie was compassionate, challenging and knowledgeable.  She was able to guide me in ways that made me feel completely at ease and she provided clear workable steps which increased my self-esteem week by week. 

Don’t get me wrong this is not a miracle cure. I still find myself slipping now and again but by continuing to work with Debbie’s techniques I can realise what is happening at a much earlier stage and put the right tools in place to ensure I continue to move forward.