What We Do

  • Supporting Parents and Carers

    Providing therapeutic coaching support and solutions for your parents and carers is a perfect way to improve staff retention and productivity.  Once parents are given the tools and support they need to manage challenges at home, they are better placed to understand how to maintain a work life balance, in turn developing the longevity of their…

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  • Return to Work Strategies

    For any staff member who has been absent from work for a significant period of time, whether due to their own health challenges or those of a family member, returning to work can be daunting.  They may have lost confidence in their ability to carry out a leadership position, perhaps they fear they don’t have…

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  • Preventing Absence – Workshop/Group Coaching

    Working on the premise that prevention is better than cure, we provide group workshops for any employees who may be in danger of requiring long periods of time away from work due to mental health/wellbeing issues.  Perhaps they’re senior managers close to burn out, or young leaders struggling to create a work life balance or…

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    Group Coaching