Supporting Parents and Carers

Providing therapeutic coaching support and solutions for your parents and carers is a perfect way to improve staff retention and productivity.  Once parents are given the tools and support they need to manage challenges at home, they are better placed to understand how to maintain a work life balance, in turn developing the longevity of their careers. 

We provide this support through:

One to one coaching

These coaching sessions provide parents with the tools and techniques they need to deal with home life challenges.  Since COVID 19 we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of children suffering with anxiety & self-harming – this can prevent them from going to school, mixing with their peers and can leave parents continually fearing for their safety.  By helping parents to understand the underlying issues their children are facing and giving tools and techniques to not only support their children through their challenging emotions but move them on from this difficult time, parents will need less time at home and will be more focussed on developing and maintaining their own work life balance. 

As an Empowered Learning Coach, we’re highly experienced in supporting parents to deal with the challenges of neurodiversity. 

Workshop/Group Coaching

Debbie has provided numerous workshops to parents throughout her career.  These workshops provide parents with the tools and techniques they need to support their children through challenging life transitions, improving mental health and wellbeing & implementing strategies to support neurodiversity in the family.  We work on techniques such as:

Understanding perspectives

Positive discipline

Understanding needs

Communicating effectively

Building positive connections

Managing challenging emotions